Obtaining a Special Event Permit

A Special Event must be sponsored by, or be for the benefit of, a nonprofit organization and be open to the public. The sponsoring nonprofit organization is responsible for submitting the application and obtaining the permit.

A commercially sponsored Special Event is an event not sponsored by a non-profit organization and collects a participant fee by the event organizer, sponsor, or producer.  Commercial events include, but are not limited to, organized camps, organized sports activities, theatre performances, marathons, runs, road races, etc. Commercial events must be open to the public and follow all Special Event rules and guidelines.

The City may deny an application for the following reasons:

  • The time, route, and size will unreasonably disrupt the movement of other traffic contiguous to the route;
  • The size or nature of the event requires the diversion of so great a number of police officers of the city that police protection to the remainder of the city is dangerously diminished;
  •  The applicant failed to remit all customary and reasonable fees, insurance documents, bonds, or failed to file in a timely manner 60 days prior to the event;
  • The event exceeds five consecutive days of occurrence.