Ancich Waterfront Park



  • passive use open park space
  • street parking
  • restrooms
  • tables, chairs and benches
  • beach access
  • boat storage facility
  • paddlers dock
  • view plaza
  • ADA lift
Located at 3525 Harborview Drive

The City's Ancich Waterfront Park has quickly become a new attraction and is being enjoyed by many. Tables and chairs are available on the street-level view plaza with beautiful water views, while the lower level is our public man-powered boat storage facility.

"Seiners at Sunrise" local Art by Gary W. Jackson - 2019

Courtesy of the Gig Harbor Arts Commission

This set of 25 relief sculptures celebrates Gig Harbor’s rich fishing history, specifically the purse seiners, the type of fishing boat used by the Ancich family – and many others – for generations. They are still in use to this day. The main purse seiner is shown heading out towards the horizon, with a small skiff pulling out and setting the net. The net is set in a circular pattern and the resulting curtain is then ‘pursed’ closed at the bottom to capture the fish. On the sidelines, other salmon nervously watch the action while opportunistic seagulls look for a snack. A harbor seal is also watching, perhaps hoping for a meal of fresh salmon.

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