Public Works

The Public Works Department serves the community of Gig Harbor by providing a safe environment and enhanced quality of life through maintenance and improvements to the public infrastructure. 

The Department serves a population of over 9,500 residents and includes the: 

  • Engineering Division - Responsible for city infrastructure improvements and the review of public development projects. This includes various permit reviews of all development that affect public infrastructure. Engineering conducts various city-wide studies in order to implement improvements to infrastructure. Engineering staff are also responsible for the planning, development and implementation of projects from the Capital Facilities Element as funded in the annual budget. This involves the design and construction management of city funded capital improvement projects for the city's transportation, water, sewer, storm water management and park improvement projects.
  • Operations Division (streets, water, parks, stormwater) - Responsible for the maintenance of the City's infrastructure including roads, storm drains, parks, water, and City-owned facilities and fleet equipment. 
  • Parks Division - The City owns numerous parks properties including neighborhood and special use parks, natural areas, open spaces, trails and trailheads and undeveloped land. The areas of responsibility for the Parks department includes developing and managing park properties, grant management, parks capital project planning and leading future visioning/master planning efforts. This department works closely with other City departments to review and make determinations on special uses and special event permits in our parks.
  • Utility Billing - Contact Utility Billing for setting up new service to your property, billing transfers, discontinuing water service, setting up automatic payments, eligibility for Senior Citizen Discount, Backflow (Cross Connection) requirements, or to report water issues.
  • Wastewater Division (sanitary sewer) - The City of Gig Harbor Wastewater Treatment Plant treats millions of gallons of wastewater each year and provides service to approximately 6800 Gig Harbor residents.  The City's wastewater collection system, maintained by the treatment plant staff, consists of 45 miles of sanitary sewer lines, and 18 lift stations.