We get a lot of rain here in the Pacific Northwest! If that rain can't soak into the ground, it has to go somewhere. When rain flows over hard surfaces like streets, sidewalks, and roofs, we call it “stormwater runoff” and it can be a big challenge for cities like Gig Harbor with lots of hard surfaces.


As stormwater flows, it can pick up harmful substances like dirt, trash, pet waste, oil, fertilizers, pesticides, and metals, and carry them along. This polluted runoff eventually ends up, untreated, in the Puget Sound. On the way, it can cause other problems like erosion, flooding, and property damage. The City of Gig Harbor and our community members work together to manage stormwater runoff to keep our environment clean and neighborhoods safe.


See the Story Map below to learn more about stormwater in our city and see the resources under Stormwater Pollution Prevention Tips and Guidance for ways you can do your part to keep our waterways clean!


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Gig Harbor Water Pollution Hotline

Phone: 253-851-6170

Emergency Spills

Phone: 911

Department of Ecology 24-Hour Spill Hotline

Phone: 360-407-6300

United States Coast Guard - Vessel Petroleum Spills

Phone: 800-982-8813

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Tips and Guidance

Care Care Tips

The City of Gig Harbor requires that property owners with a private stormwater system perform annual inspections and maintenance of their facilities and report these activities to the city. This Client Assistance Memo describes how to fulfill this requirement.

Submit your annual certification by using this form: Annual Private Stormwater System Certification

Stormwater Publications and Documents