Effective December 12, 2022, in accordance with Resolution 1267, the City of Gig Harbor rescinded  Emergency Proclamation 2020-01, and subsequently Ordinance 1439, that were established in March 2020. Any utility service charges remaining delinquent as of six months following December 12, 2022, will be treated as delinquent. This is consistent with the Gig Harbor Municipal Code and delinquencies will be subject to all interest and notice changes that may accrue from June 12, 2023, and forward.

Starting July 1, 2023, the City of Gig Harbor will resume the following steps:

• Water will be disconnected for non-payment for any customer.

• All interest and late fees on delinquent payments will resume.

• Long term payment arrangements through the Deferred COVID-19 Payment Plan Arrangement (DCPPA) program will be offered. DCPPA is an agreement with the account holder and/or current resident to reconcile a delinquent utility account. The DCPPA will require account holders make their regular bi-monthly payments while also making monthly payments over multiple billing periods (in accordance with the individual's DCPPA) to pay off the outstanding balance.  If a water utility account is not paid in full by the end of each DCPPA, Gig Harbor Municipal Code (GHMC) 13.04.050 requires the City of Gig Harbor to shut off water to the premises and a lien placed on the property until outstanding balances are paid. For a sewer-only utility account that is not paid in full by the end of each DCPPA, the City cannot shut off water but the Gig Harbor Municipal Code requires that a lien be placed on the property in the same manner as GHMC 13.040.050(C).

Applications for the Deferred COVID-19 Payment Plan Arrangement Program are due June 9, 2023. Any DCPPA applications received after June 9, 2023 will not be accepted. 

Applying for this program does not alleviate responsibility from the customer being on a payment plan or not having balances paid in full by June 9, 2023.

NEW! Pierce County Water Assistance Program

The Low-Income Water Assistance Program (LIWAP) is a new Human Services program funded by the Washington State Department of Health and Human Services. It is designated to pay off debts on water and sewer bills up to $2,500 for qualified Pierce County residents. To be eligible for this program, you must meet the income guidelines below:

For more information on Pierce County's Water Assistance Program, please visit this link

Low-Income Senior Citizen Discount                  

Senior citizens may be eligible to receive a reduction of their water and sewer rates if they meet established income requirements. Download the Senior Citizen Rate Discount Application (PDF) or contact Utility Billing at 253-851-6157 or email utilities@gigharborwa.gov for more information.


The City of Gig Harbor regularly flushes the pipes in our water system to remove rust and sediment and provide you with clean, reliable water. Learn more here.

Interactive City Boundary Map

Access the interactive map here to confirm your service area provider.

Utility Payoff Requests

Requests for escrow estimated or final payoff amounts should be sent to utilities@gigharborwa.gov. Turn around time is typically 3 business days.

Meter Requests

Once connection fees have been paid and applicable permits issued a meter installation can be requested. Please send requests to utilities@gigharborwa.gov

Automatic Payments                            

Utility payments may be withdrawn automatically from your Checking Account. Please mail or return a completed Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Form (PDF) to initiate or you can click here Pay Utilities Online to register online. 

Your automatic monthly payment will be taken on the 25th of the month in which your bill is due. If your most recent due date has already passed and you have a balance on your account, please make a payment now.  Your automatic payments will not begin until your next bill and will not include any past due amounts.

Backflow (Cross Connection) Requirements   

The Washington State Department of Health requires all backflow prevention devices to be tested annually. Devices need to be maintained to insure a healthy public water supply. View the List of Certified "Backflow" Installers / Certified Testers (PDF). Please call 253-851-6157 or email backflow@gigharborwa.gov for more information.

Water Issues

If you are experiencing discolored or odorous water problems please call 253-851-8136.