Gig Harbor Sports Complex

The City of Gig Harbor has been consistently committed to the Gig Harbor Sports Complex project since before council approved the purchase of land in a Council meeting on December 18, 2017.


The city has committed $10.5 million through a mix of funding secured in order to bring the Gig Harbor Sports Complex to life.


In the five-year span since committing to the complex concept you see today, the city has: 


  • Acquired thirty acres of land for the Gig Harbor Sports Complex, including: 
    1. Purchasing the former Gig Harbor Little League Fields (2017).
    2. Purchasing the Phase 1 Properties - $3,500,000 (2017).
    3. Funding maintenance and operations for Pen Light fields over the past five years.
  • Completed the Gig Harbor Sports Complex Master Plan and Visioning 
    1. Planning for overall scope - $47,000 (2017) for overall scope.
    2. Planning for Phase 1B - $27,230 (2021).
    3. Committed funding for scope, design, and permitting - $599,451 (2022-23).  
  • Pursued State and Federal Funding
    1. Pursued federal grants through "asks" from the Fiscal Year 2022 and 2023 Congressionally Directed Spending Program and the Fiscal Year 2022 and 2023 Community Project Funding Request.
    2. Secured a state Recreation and Conservation Grant for Phase 1B - $1,000,000.
    3. Secured a state appropriation of $199,820.
    4. Hired BCRA Engineers to complete a Phase 2 and 3 study - $125,000..
    5. Any other allocations by this or future Council will design and construct the facilities identified in the Phase 2 and 3 feasibility study.
  • Signed a lease agreement with the YMCA for construction and management of two lit, synthetic turf fields under Phase 1A (2021) 
    1. Included a sunset date for permitting to be submitted by June 2023 and fundraising goals to be met by December 31, 2024, to ensure the construction timeline remains on track.
    2. The city is performing the preliminary land use permitting processes for the Phase 1A project, lessening the cost to the YMCA. 
  • Committed to fully funding the Gig Harbor Sports Complex Phase 1B project
    1. A total allocation of $5,200,000 is included in the City’s 2023-24 budget.

We have recognized and prioritized the need for lit, synthetic turf fields in Gig Harbor to support our youth and continue to allocate funding and staffing toward the Gig Harbor Sports Complex.

Q: Why is the city putting money toward a bocce court over the lit turf fields? 

A: The YMCA has committed to funding and operating Phase 1A, which includes the lit, synthetic turf fields. 


Q: Why isn’t there funding in the 2023-2024 budget for future phases?

A:  The city has hired BCRA Engineers to complete a feasibility study, which includes public outreach, for Phases 2 and 3 of the Gig Harbor Sports Complex.


Q: Will the two lit and turf fields in Phase 1A support all of Gig Harbor’s needs? 

A: No – even if all six fields (proposed through Phase 3) were completed immediately, there would still be a need for many other lit and turf fields at locations throughout the city. 


This is why the city supports organizations that also have the ability to construct lit, synthetic turf fields – we will begin conversations regarding potential opportunities for Peninsula School District to support parking and convert existing school fields to lit, synthetic turf fields, and we will support PenMet Parks in their existing lit, synthetic turf fields projects. We get more done as a community when we work together. 


Q: With all the new housing, why is there not enough space for kids to play? 

A: The City of Gig Harbor has one of the best park density measurements, with 23 parks (including the PenLight Fields and Sports Complex) over just 6.12 square miles. Four of those parks have been added since 2017. 


Q: Why is the city funding other parks projects and not the fields? 

A: The projects included in the 2023-2024 budget are included in the PROS plan, which balanced needs for our overall park structure. The city sought extensive public comment and feedback. These projects are ones that Gig Harbor residents have prioritized. 

Q. How will the Sports Complex affect traffic along Borgen Boulevard and Harbor Hill Drive?

A. Each major intersection in the city is assigned a level of service (LOS) that describes the amount of delay drivers typically experience during the evening rush-hour.  The LOS rating is a letter rating of A through F, where A is no delay and F is more than 60 second of delay.  An intersection is considered “failed” (or congested) when the LOS is E (between 40 and 60 second of delay) or lower.  Per the city’s 2018 Transportation Element (TE), the May 2018 LOS for the Borgen Blvd/Harbor Hill Drive intersection is LOS C with 27 seconds of delay.   The predicted 2030 LOS for this intersection with the implementation of the city’s transportation project list identified in the TE is LOS B with 11 seconds of delay.  Below is an image showing peak hour LOS at major intersections along Borgen Boulevard as existed in 2017 and as predicted in 2030.  

GH North Sports Complex LOS 2017 v 2030 JPG


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About the Gig Harbor Sports Complex

The City of Gig Harbor has experienced tremendous growth in recent years which has created a need for additional community recreational opportunities, with sports fields being identified as a key need by the city's residents.


In 2014-15, the City Council adopted a Vision and Master Plan for the original 7.07 acres encompassing the southern portion of the Sports Complex (Phase 3). In 2016-17 the city acquired and additional  21 acres of land (including the Peninsula Light Little League fields) to form the current Sports Complex. This map shows the ownership of the parcels comprising the Gig Harbor Sports Complex and surrounding recreation properties.


In 2018, the city contracted with Bruce Dees & Associates to develop a master plan for developing the entire Sports Complex. The master planning process included multiple open houses and public hearings at the administrative, parks commission, and city council levels.


On July 23, 2018, the Gig Harbor City Council approved the Gig Harbor Sports Complex Master Plan, as shown below. The master plan provides official direction for design, permitting and construction of the Sports Complex.  

The development of the Sports Complex has been divided into three phases. Phase 1 has been subdivided into Phase 1A and Phase 1B to be developed by the YMCA and the city, respectively.


Phase 1A includes the sports fields designated as A1 and A2 on the Master Plan. The YMCA is responsible for financing and developing these fields under a lease agreement with the city. As of early 2023, the plans are being reviewed at the city’s planning division. The YMCA is still trying to secure donations for construction. To make a donation, visit


Phase 1B includes recreational amenities located between the existing YMCA facility and Phase 1A. This includes restrooms/concession building, picnic shelters, event lawn, bocce ball courts, pickle ball courts, and additional parking. The design and permitting process for Phase 1B is underway as of March 2022 and will include opportunities for public input on the project design, traffic impact analysis, tree survey, and environmental review. Permitting is scheduled to be completed by April 2023 before construction begins in the summer of 2023. The total cost for Phase 1B is estimated at $3.8 million. A $500,000 Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office grant has been allocated for this project

Phase 1B Update:

Below are links to the boards that were presented at the Sports Complex Phase 1B open house on June 8, 2022. Public input was requested for the pickleball courts, performance stage, and playground equipment. There will be a presentation to Parks Commission on 7/6/2022 where there will also be opportunity for public input. 

Gig Harbor Sports Complex Public Meeting Boards 

Gig Harbor Sports Complex 1B Timeline


Phase 2 includes redevelopment of Peninsula Light Fields, currently leased by Gig Harbor Little League. The new fields will be artificial turf so that they can be used year-round.

Phase 3 includes the development of artificial turf sports fields on an undeveloped lot immediately south of the existing YMCA facility.

Phase 2 & 3 Feasibility Study

In the 2023-2024 budget, council authorized funds to conduct a feasibility study for Phases 2 & 3. In May 2023, the city executed a contract with BCRA to conduct the study. They will be working with staff and a group of stakeholders to come up with options for field and parking layouts for the two properties as well as cost estimates for a preferred alternative.

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Below are the two alternatives that were presented at the Open House on January 18, 2024 at the Gig Harbor Civic Center from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. 

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Gig Harbor Sports Complex Perspective View (Click on the image to zoom in)

Gig Harbor Sports Complex Perspective View

Since adopting the Master Plan in 2018, the City has taken numerous steps to move the Sports Complex forward from vision into reality.  The City Council has conducted a number of public meetings to take action on the next steps of the project. These include: