Urban Forestry Management Plan


The City of Gig Harbor recognizes the aesthetic, social, and ecological value of trees; however, the City has not had a program to guide the management and enhancement of its urban forest. Urban forestry is the planting, maintenance, care, and protection of tree populations within urban settings. It requires a different type of planning and strategy than traditional forestry or silviculture. 

In May 2022, the City received matching funds from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Community Forestry Program to develop and implement an urban forestry management plan. In August 2022, the City contracted with Davey Resources Group, Inc. to develop the urban forestry management plan.

Project Scope

City staff worked with Davey Resources Group, Inc. to develop an urban forestry management plan which will include the following key elements:

  • A survey and assessment of trees within City limits and the adjacent Urban Growth Areas (UGA).
  • Recommendations for priority planting areas using socio-demographics, population density, proximity to surface waters and impaired waterways, geographic and soil information, ownership, links to trails, stormwater issues, and urban heat island mitigation potential.
  • Recommendations to improve internal efficiencies, cost reductions, and limit liability.
  • Recommendations to clarify and enhance existing tree regulations.
  • Public outreach to include community voices in plan development.

Project Calendar

Planning Commission Meeting
December 15, 2022

Planning Commission Meeting

February 2, 2023

Public survey launch

February 8, 2023

Planning Commission Meeting

March 2, 2023

Planning Commission Meeting 

March 16, 2023

Planning Commission Meeting

April 6, 2023

Public survey closesApril 10, 2023
Planning Commission MeetingApril 6, 2023
Planning Commission MeetingAugust 17, 2023
City Council Study SessionSeptember 21, 2023
City Council MeetingOctober 9, 2023