The Reserve 14-Lot Preliminary Plat

overall site plan

The applicant for the Reserve Preliminary Plat proposes to develop two contiguous and undeveloped parcels totaling 9.88 acres into a single-family residential development. The development will take place within the western 5.27 acres of the site and will utilize approximately 53% of the total site area. The proposal will create 14 lots which average 9,544 square feet. The development also proposes three tracts, two private tracts for access, utilities, stormwater, and recreation; and a third open space and critical areas tract to include the wetland and associated 150-foot buffer.

This project was previously submitted in 2016 with a consolidated review for a preliminary plat (PL-PPLAT-16-0001), design review (PL-DR016-0079), boundary line adjustment (PL-BLA-16-0002), SEPA (PL-SEPA-16-0008), and an alternative landscape plan (PL-ALP-17-0003). At a noticed public meeting, the DRB recommended approval to the hearing examiner, and following additional public notice, the hearing examiner issued an approval, subject to 33 conditions, on November 6, 2017. The project was reviewed again as the previous project approval expired before it could reach next steps for construction.

The development complies with the setback requirements for the Single-Family Residential (R-1) zone: 20 feet for the front of the house, 26 feet for the front of the garage, 8 feet for the side of the house, and 30 feet for the back of the house. The development also includes a 25-foot densely vegetated buffer around the entire development as required by GHMC 17.78.060. The proposed development is in full compliance with these development and zoning regulations, which were adopted by City Council in 2018 as a means to slow growth.

As was detailed in the project staff report and public hearing, site stormwater will be routed to a detention vault located in the northeastern portion of the development area. Stormwater will be detained, allowing solids and contaminants to settle out, and then pumped through a filtration system to further remove any contaminants. No chemicals or additives will be utilized in stormwater treatment. Stormwater will be released downslope at controlled intervals that mimic the flow rates pre-development and will flow through dispersion trenches and energy dissipators to prevent slope erosion. The release of treated stormwater is important for the continued recharge of the adjacent wetland. The stormwater facilities will be maintained by the future homeowner’s association through a stormwater maintenance agreement with the City.

Staff Contact

Roxanne Robles, Senior Planner

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