2023 Year in Review

Last year, we continued to steer into Gig Harbor’s future with confidence. The city made strides in its long-term strategic plan. Our pledge to you for a vibrant future while safeguarding our history is underway. From our small-town streets to our dynamic downtown, we are leading the way in livability, environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and municipal services.

Embracing our history and heritage, Gig Harbor honors our past while forging ahead. We believe that by preserving our unique small-town character, we lay the foundation for a city and community that treasures its roots.

We are dedicated to providing opportunities that lead to your prosperity. It is woven into the fabric of our vibrant community. A robust economy is what we work toward every day.

At the core of our promise is inclusivity. We believe in a community that embraces a world where everyone feels safe and their experience is valued. Each resident is an essential part of what makes our city unique.

We also are ensuring a sustainable legacy for generations to come. We are committed to environmental stewardship and preserving the natural beauty of the place we call home.

We are happy to share this report that shows you how we continue to evolve, guided by strategic commitments we make to you every day. This is your city, and our promise.

2023 City of Gig Harbor Annual Report 


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