Where does the money from a traffic ticket go?

According to the Washington Administrative Office of the Courts, the distribution of a $124 traffic ticket is:

  • $44.78 goes to the State Public Safety and Education Account. That  money is spent on traffic safety programs such as the “Click It or  Ticket” campaign to enforce seat belt use.
  • $44.43 goes to the city where the ticket was given. That money  goes into the general fund and is generally used for Court operations,  Police, or Prosecutors.
  • $17 goes to the judicial information system - a computer system that provides statewide access to records.
  • $10 is put into an auto theft prevention account, which is used to investigate and prosecute car thefts.
  • $5 is allocated for hospital emergency medical services and trauma care. This money helps treat people without insurance.
  • $2 is put into a traumatic brain injury account and used to  create a support network and public awareness campaign for brain injury  victims.
  • $.079 also goes to the City where the ticket was issued. The  money is spent to help crime victims. The monetary breakdown remains the  same for all $124 standard traffic tickets. 

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