Tracie Markley

Mayor and City Council
Title: Mayor
Phone: (253) 853-7611
Mayor Markley

Welcome to Gig Harbor!


I was just five years old when my family moved to Gig Harbor in 1982. We fell in love with it immediately and knew from our first drive through town that it was a special place where we would live, work and play for many years. Now, as I raise my own family here, I see our city through a new lens. Instead of “What can my city do for me?” I think, “What can I do for my city?” The privilege of serving as Mayor in the town I grew up in is an honor beyond what I ever thought possible.


I attended Peninsula Schools from first through twelfth grade and graduated from Peninsula High School in 1994. Go Hawks! Upon graduating high school, I was immediately interested in starting a career in real estate. I worked for a couple of top agents and became the youngest licensed real estate agent in Gig Harbor at the age of 18. Whether through my experience in real estate, processing mortgages, advertising, office management, human resources consulting, and even working downtown at William Patrick’s Drive Thru Coffee Shop, I have learned to be a great listener and solution finder.


Although the majority of my employment history is outside of government service, I have gained extensive experience serving as a Parks Commissioner for almost two years, followed with being elected as a City Councilmember for over two years, and now, as your Mayor. I have learned how to listen to the heartbeat of our city.


Gig Harbor, just like every other city, is facing new and unique challenges that we have never faced before. What I know in my heart is that we are going to continue to rise above these challenges and become stronger together. However, it is going to require us to do whatever it takes to make that happen.


I have every confidence that we will rise to the challenge and overcome any obstacle standing in our way. I know this to be true because we still smile at each other when we're out-and-about around town. We still stop and have conversations and offer help to those in need. We still care. We are still Gig Harbor.


This is our city. We need to protect and cherish it. Gig Harbor is a true gem. I’m so optimistic for our bright future and so incredibly honored to serve this community with passion and integrity. Thank you for putting your trust in me.


In Service,


Mayor Tracie Markley

City of Gig Harbor


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