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1. How long does it take to have an Encroachment Permit issued?
2. What is the difference between a Temporary Encroachment Permit and a regular Encroachment Permit?
3. Why is a Performance Bond Required?
4. But I already have a Civil Permit Performance Bond, do I need another bond?
5. I am putting up signs in the Right-of-Way for an upcoming event. Do I need an Encroachment Permit?
6. How many sets of civil plans are required at the civil intake?
7. How many reports are required at the civil intake?
8. When are frontage improvements required?
9. When are Impact fees and General Facilities Charges (GFC’s) paid?
10. What content should be included in the Engineer’s Estimate?
11. Does the Engineer’s Estimate have to reflect a prevailing wage scale?
12. When is the performance bond or cash set-aside document submitted?
13. What is the amount of the Performance Bond or Cash Set-aside?
14. When are sanitary sewer and stormwater Maintenance Agreements required?
15. When can I schedule a pre-construction meeting and receive my civil permit?
16. What Stormwater Design Manual is currently used for new projects in Gig Harbor?
17. What is Low Impact Development (LID)?
18. Do I need a Construction Stormwater General Permit from Ecology?