Additional Design Review Options

Minor Adjustments to the Design Review Board (DRB) Review

The planning director may review minor adjustments to a final, approved hearing examiner decision prior to building permit issuance as described in Gig Harbor Municipal Code (GHMC) 17.98.056. The minor adjustment process can be used only after the design review board has made a recommendation and the hearing examiner has ruled on the recommendation. The director can approve a minor adjustment if all of the criteria set forth in GHMC 17.99.056 (B) are met.                                                

Administrative Review of Alternative Designs

The planning director will review alternative design solutions to specific requirements, as described in GHMC 17.99.058, for single-family (detached only) and duplex dwelling building permit applications for remodel and construction as well as tenant improvement applications. The director can approve alternative designs for such application if all of the criteria set forth in GHMC 17.99.058 (B) are met.


An exception is used in those situations when a project does not meet the specific requirements and the applicant does not provide an alternative design solution. A request for an exception is reviewed by the design review board and the board issues a recommendation to the hearing examiner. The DRB can recommend approval of an exception if the board  finds that all of the criteria set forth in GHMC 17.98.060 (D) are met.