With enhanced access and development interest, more and more property owners are considering annexation, be it for local land use control or urban services. To be considered for annexation, a property must be within the Urban Growth Area (UGA), an area designated by the County for urban development.


The following is a brief summary of the annexation process most  utilized by property owners to propose annexation, as outlined in State  Law (RCW 35A.14):

  • The owners of no less than 10% of a proposed land area shall  provide the city, in writing, a “Notice of Intention to Commence  Annexation” (city form available), along with a legal description (land  survey) of the proposed boundaries.
  • The Gig Harbor City Council shall set a date to meet with the annexation proponents within 60-days of receiving the notice.
  • Prior to the first public meeting, the City will send the proposed  legal description to the Pierce County Boundary Review Board for  acceptance.
  • If the Gig Harbor City Council chooses to modify the proposed boundaries, another County and City review is required.
  • When authorized by the City Council, an annexation petition can be circulated among affected property owners, stating any conditions of annexation arrived upon by the City Council.
  • Owners of 60% of the assessed value of the proposed area must sign  and date their endorsement of the petition and include documentation of property ownership when necessary.
  • Within three days of receiving an authorized petition and appropriate filing fee, the City Clerk will transmit the petition and  documentation to Pierce County for certification.
  • Following certification, the Gig Harbor City Council shall hold a public hearing to fully consider the annexation request and vote to  accept or reject it.
  • The decision to annex an area can be appealed through a 45-day appeal period administered by Pierce County, followed by a legal city ordinance to make the annexation effective.