Eddon Boat History

Eddon Boat Park was acquired in 2004 through a Voted General Obligation Bond. As part of the acquisition, the historic boat building was identified for preservation and restoration so that its traditional and  culturally significant use, boat building, could also be preserved for the community.

Thanks to a $1 million Washington State Heritage Capital Projects Fund (HCPF) Grant, the building was restored. View the Washington HCPF website. Seattle based SHKS Architects who specializes in preservation projects and Rush Construction completed the first Phase I. Two more HCPF awards from Washington State followed and helped fund the final Restoration Phases. The last image shows the interior of the boat shed before the marine railways boat launch system was constructed.      

For a complete history of the Eddon Boat site, view the 2006 Historic Structures Report (PDF) by Artifacts Consultants in Tacoma. Visit the Gig Harbor BoatShop website for more information on current public boat building programming and activities.

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