Eddon Boat Building Restoration

Phase I - Eddon Boat Building Restoration

On September 30th, 2009, over 100 community supporters turned out for the official dedication of the newly restored Eddon Boat Building. First Gentleman Gregiore attended the event and presented a letter from the Governor followed by comments from Senator Kilmer and Mayor Hunter. The 2004 "Save Eddon" campaign sign was changed from "Save" to "Saved"  to complete the 5-year long preservation project.

The building's "make-over" included restoring the exterior to its original and historic colors. A red roof and (like many historic structures along the waterfront) white paint completed the renovation. Interior upgrades included a fire sprinkler system, electrical  upgrades, structural stabilization, foundation work, and public restrooms at the brick house. View the Eddon Boat History page to learn more about each Phase funded by the Washington State Heritage Capital Projects Fund. The site is also listed on Gig Harbor's Register of Historic Places.

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Learn more about the Gig Harbor BoatShop,  the local non-profit tenant that provides boat building programming and  education for the community. A public viewing platform located on the  ground level at the street side of the building is open seasonally  during their regular business hours. For more information, view the 2006 Historic Structures Report (PDF).