Crescent Creek Master Plan

The Crescent Creek Park Master Plan has been placed on hold while the future of the Masonic Lodge is considered.

What is a Master Plan?

Master plans are about expressing a long-term vision for your parks. Features shown in a master plan include the type of activities you might want to experience. A master plan also includes the infrastructure and circulation needed to support those activities like walkways, parking, lighting, and restrooms. Ultimately, a master plan is intended to guide future implementation, with more detailed design and funding to follow at a later date. It’s important that your vision, ideas, and opportunities are reflected in the master plan of your park.

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Crescent Creek Park Site Analysis:

The City has contracted with a landscape architecture consultant to develop a master plan for Crescent Creek Park. The park consists of six separate parcels which currently contain amenities like a volunteer-built BMX track, baseball field, tennis court, two sand volleyball courts, a basketball half-court, a maritime-themed playground, and historic picnic and bathroom structures built by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s. One of the parcels contains the former Masonic Lodge, which is also the former site of the historic Crescent Valley School, built in 1915. More information about the Crescent Valley School can be found HERE

ccp master plan site


The Masonic Temple Association purchased the property in 1946 and added a 30 x 39 foot addition to the west side of the building, with a basement. They demolished the top floor of the school and covered the windows, significantly altering the building’s appearance. The City purchased the Lodge parcel in 2017. The City Council heard from a group of area residents who have developed concepts for a major remodel and addition to the Lodge. Council has asked for a 1 year pause on the master planning process in order for more specifics to be developed by the group. Future meetings will be open to the public.