Temporary Policy for Electronic Filing

COVID19 appears to be a clear and immediate threat to public health. Limiting person-to-person contact is a proven way to slow the spread of the disease. The purpose of this policy is to reduce the need to visit the courthouse for the purpose of filing documents and to protect the public and court staff from exposure to the virus.  Specifics of the policy HERE.

Temporary Warrant Quash Policy
Effective September 1, 2020 and until the Court resumes in-person hearings, a defendant may call the Court to schedule a warrant quash hearing. The clerk shall schedule the quash and the hearing the defendant failed to appear for that resulted in the warrant. The warrant is not quashed until the defendant appears at the virtual hearing and is so ordered by the Judge.

Policy for Community Service in Lieu of Fine
You must first be deemed indigent by the Judge to be eligible to perform community service in lieu of a fine. The forms and instructions are available under the court forms link and at the court office. Upon filing a Motion and an Application for Indigency Determination with the court, a hearing will be scheduled. Those defendants currently deemed indigent by this court (i.e. have a public defender appointed to the case) are eligible to perform community service in lieu of a fine. You must have parent permission (if under age 18) and follow rules and procedures set forth. Community Service must be completed at a non-profit agency from the approved list. It is your responsibility to contact an agency from the approved list that interests you and meet the guidelines for that agency.

Policy for Modifying/Rescinding Domestic Violence No Contact Order
The court has adopted a new policy and procedure for modifying or rescinding a DV No Contact Order. Effective June 1, 2017 ONLY a protected party may modify or rescind a RCW 10.99 No Contact Order. The protected party is required to contact the Court and follow the step-by-step procedure to modify or rescind a No Contact Order. Instructions are available on the court FORMS link.