Most Endangered Structures List


Every year, many historic properties across the State of Washington are threatened by demolition or neglect. Collectively, these properties contribute to the quality of life we enjoy and shape the daily experiences of living in small towns, large cities and rural areas across the state. It is an understatement to say that our historic resources help to paint a distinct portrait of every community in Washington and that their loss would leave large gaps in that canvas.

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation has maintained a Most Endangered Historic Properties List in our state since 1992. View the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation website. Bringing attention to threatened buildings, sites and places has raised awareness in communities statewide and resulted in many success stories.

Properties are nominated annually by  concerned citizens and organizations throughout Washington. Unfortunately many sites from past lists are still threatened and remain on the Washington Trust watch list. For more information, contact Chris Moore at the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation at 206-624-9449. If you would like to nominate a site, please contact the planning department at the City.