Registering Your Netshed

Property Details

A designated historic property is one that is voluntarily listed on the Gig Harbor Register of Historic Places as defined by GMAC Chapter 17.97.040. Traditional fishing industry structures such as netsheds and boathouses are identified in the 2014 Comprehensive Plan as character defining elements of Gig Harbor’s built environment.

The City of Gig Harbor Shoreline Master Program (PDF) policies encourage the preservation and maintenance of the historic, cultural, scientific or educational integrity of known resources including properties listed on the Gig Harbor Register of Historic Places. The Master Program also contains policies and regulations that address netsheds and their adaptive reuse, (see Section 7.16, Historic Netsheds pg.7-63).

The Gig Harbor Municipal Code (GHMC) Chapter 17.97

Historic Preservation:

  • Establishes procedures for the voluntary designation of properties to the City’s Register of Historic Properties.
  • Explains the effect of such designation, including the property’s eligibility for special tax valuation.
  • Describes the process for maintenance and monitoring of such properties.
  • Delegates the authority for registry listing recommendations to the Design Review Board.

An additional building square footage allowance is available to waterfront parcels located in the WM and WC zones for registered netsheds listed on the City of Gig Harbor Registry of Historic Places. As the State’s acting Certified Local Government (CLG), it is the Design Review Board’s (DRB) responsibility to determine netshed registry eligibility (GMAC Chapter 17.97.040 Register of Historic Places.)

Registry of Historic Properties

A listing on the Gig Harbor Registry of Historic Properties must be recommended by the Design Review Boar and confirmed by the City Council.

Use the Netshed Eligibility Checklist (PDF) to identify the required elements needed to qualify as a Registered Netshed. It will be used by the DRB to record physical details (exterior features) when reviewing netshed historic registry applications and added to the record. (It may be used when reviewing alterations to a registered property.)