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There are many ways to participate in our Parks programs through joining a scheduled event, volunteering, and donating.

Join a scheduled event

Request an event or project

The City of Gig Harbor would love to have you or your corporate, school or community service organization come out for a day of service or to complete a scout/troop project in a local park. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please contact us with the following details about your proposed event:

  • your contact info (name/phone/e-mail)
  • park name
  • date & time of project (start/end)
  • name of the group hosting the event
  • event/project name
  • # of volunteers expected
  • age group (adults/children/all ages OK)
  • brief project description

Download and print Volunteer Agreement and Participant Roster forms.


The City of Gig Harbor provides opportunities for individuals, community organizations and businesses to be personally involved in shaping the special characteristics of our community. A variety of items are available for sponsorship. Donors wishing to contribute funds for parks or street amenities can select from a list of styles, colors, sizes and locations as determined by the City.

For more information, please contact us.


  1. Jennifer Haro

    Parks Manager