Specialty Units

Our officers and volunteers can be found afoot, afloat, and astride.  Here are some of the ways we reach a personal connection with our citizens.

Bicycle UnitBicycle Unit

We deploy our officers on bicycles throughout the city, both night and day.
You might find our two-wheeled officers at places like the Cushman Trail,
downtown, or our large shopping centers.

This is also a great way for the officers to meet and interact with our citizens.

Marine Services Unit  Marine Services

Our 21-foot patrol boat can be seen on regular patrols during the summer and
is available for emergency response at a moment’s notice.  

Almost half of our officers are trained in boating safety laws and can perform
a courtesy marine inspection on your vessel either on the water or on your trailer.


Motorcycle Patrol

As staffing allows, our police motorcycle can be deployed to emphasize traffic
safety and to respond to specific complaints on our roadways.  

The motorcycle is also an effective tool for use during the many special events
that occur on our city streets.


The Gig Harbor Police Department offers the assistance of a non-denominational chaplain who serves as a resource for people in crisis or grief.

Chaplain Roger Roth is a Senior Chaplain in the Tacoma-Pierce County Chaplaincy program and is here to assist inside or outside the department.