Go With The Flow

The Gig Harbor Police Department has announced a voluntary paddlecraft safety program called GO WITH THE FLOW. The goal is to add awareness, predictability, and safety to interactions between paddlecraft and larger vessels in Gig Harbor.

We encourage all paddle sport enthusiasts to join us and “Go With The Flow” by following these three suggestions:

  • Stay at least 25 yards away from marinas.  This will give more room and time for outbound boats to react to small craft.
  • Don’t linger in the area of the harbor entrance.  Enjoy the view, take some pictures, and relax, but please clear the way for larger vessels entering and exiting the harbor.
  • Take advantage of the incoming current and “Go With The Flow” along the north and east sides of the harbor.  This provides more predictability for all vessels as they transit the harbor.

Thank you for keeping Gig Harbor a safe and fun place for everyone to enjoy. 

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